Tuesday, March 18, 2014

By All Accounts, It Was a Good Trip

Huh. I kind of lost last week. It was a flurry of Tim's birthday, costume making for the middle school play (let me tell you, townsperson #13 will be well appointed,) and kids' activities. All of which served to keep me busy but none of which was particularly blog worthy.


I promised a recap of Tim and Morrigan's trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado. Tim was feeling the pressure. It was not a cheap venture and, as M had never skied before, there was a chance at utter failure. We decided before they left that if Morrigan hated skiing, he should just let her read and relax all day. No reason to fight. Fortunately, she did well in ski school and was able to ski with her Dad a few days. By both Tim and Morrigan's reports, they had a great week!

And it was all good for me. I would rather do, well, everything rather than go skiing out west. I could be down with a trip to the Homestead to ski for an afternoon but both the time and money involved in "real" ski trips interests me not at all. Luckily, he can go with the children!

Some photos….

They both swear she was happy.

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