Monday, March 3, 2014

Hey Another Snow Day!

Even as I see the daffodils peeking out, we are in the middle of another snow storm. School is cancelled but it remains to be seen if we will get any accumulation. Since it was about 65 degrees yesterday, the roads are still clear. Even so, I really hate driving in inclement weather so we are hunkering down. We were supposed to pick up our chicks today, but they will have to wait.

Morrigan and Tim went to Beaver Creek, Colorado on Saturday for a week of skiing. They had an odyssey of delayed flights, lost luggage, and misplaced purses but after that rough start, it appears they are enjoying the slopes and having a fine time. Here on the home front, we miss them terribly, but seeing as this whole thing was my idea, I can't complain. Well I CAN, but I shouldn't.

Maggie and E were feeling a bit gypped when they found out that not only was Morrigan going on a trip without them but she was missing a whole week of school. In a measure of compensation, I thought it would be nice to get them away for a day so we spent Saturday at The Homestead.

It is only about an hour and a half away in Hot Springs Virginia. For an overall day, we had an excellent time. But I will add as a caveat that both kids seemed to be bound and determined to be on different schedules of happiness, each decidedly opposed to whatever the other wanted to do. For example, when E was happy to burn as much money as he could in the arcade, Maggie decided the only thing she had any interest in was Foosball, which was conveniently out of service. Eion was thrilled with his $8 grilled cheese but Maggie was completely over bar food.

Gaming under duress.

Later to be described as "the best part of the resort."

Luckily, we had snow tubing reservations soon after and there was some bipartisan agreement that this was awesome! They had a little tube lift thingy that would ferry you to the top of the hill. Maggie said she could have just done that all day. Eion was the undisputed king of the hill, managing to get in ore runs than anyone else there.

Someone gifted us passes for the hour following ours, but Maggie really wanted to get back to the hotel for afternoon tea. While she was a bit put out that I made them dress for tea and seemingly every other resort guest did not, she quickly got over it. Eion, now taking the oppositional lead, decided in an unprecedented move, he was anti-sweets.

He luckily got over it so I was not required to kill him and demolished several plates of snacks.

Eion was also opposed to ice skating, but was happy to stay in the room while Maggie and I went.

Unfortunately, Maggie has a spot on her ankle that gets rubbed raw each and every time she skates. We thought our preemptive strike with an ace bandage would fix the situation, but about 20 minutes in, she was already struggling. Oh well, minutes of expensive fun.

On to the pool! The Homestead has an outdoor pool and hot tub fed by the natural hot spring in the town. It was lovely. Though, for the record, the kids again switched positions and Maggie decided quickly that she was over the pool, whereas E could have stayed for hours. You can add that she also was not interested in being alone in the room. Very slowly, I was beginning to think I might kill them both. So much for family togetherness.

But all was made better with a post swim hot chocolate, though we did have to note that they weren't quite as good as the ones at the Greenbrier. The trials of being a spoiled 9 or 10 year old.

That, along with the cookies and milk delivered to the room, ended up being all they wanted for dinner. Mom of the year! (Though I will note that Eion's reaction to the main dining room the next morning at breakfast was that it was "too fancy," so not having gone there for dinner may have been for the best." 

We ended up all snuggling and watching what seemed to be inane shows on Animal Planet. But the kids couldn't get enough of Too Cute or Bad Dogs, finding them hilarious. The hugging was good enough for me.

In the end, they said they had a great time. Me? I did my best to carve out some family memories and managed not to lose my sh*t even once. Good times.

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