Sunday, March 23, 2014

May the Force Be With You

Every once in a while, I get these urges to do more, take the kids out, get in adventures, all of which end in varying degrees of success. Friday, I was compelled to take them to the science museum's Star Wars night. Not only was I driven to take my own kids, I thought friends might be a good idea too because wrangling one's own children in the midst of a human zoo is not enough. And a sleepover. Let's add that too. I'm going for Mom of the Year this weekend.

Both the girls were sure their friends would have no interest in going but, as you might expect, all of E's friends were potentials. We asked his friend Ned, who was immediately all in. I mentioned that, naturally, Ned's sister was welcome to join us but we knew Star Wars wasn't her bag. In the end, the lure of hanging out and sleeping over was strong enough to overcome geeky, space-related events. So it was me and five kids, out on the town on a Friday night!

The event was well done. They had Tom Angleberger, Of Origami Yoda fame, there to make origami Yodas with the crowd and sign his books. We did make Yodas but the line was so long that we never got around to book signing, which made me sad as I adore signed books. Oh well.

Tom Angleberger and assorted Star Wars villans.

The place was packed with kids, many of whom were in costume, wielding light sabers. I hadn't even thought of bringing weapons. Next time. The staff of the museum were wearing some high quality costumes and posing for pictures with the kids.

They had a costume contest. In spite of many years of being Yoda, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Han Solo, and Clone Troopers, we managed to retain not a one of these costumes and didn't participate. But it was great fun to watch. The kid who won was dressed as George Lucas. Genius I tell you! But the kids had a ball, I think. I actually got to speak to parents the whole time (all of Springfield was there) as the kids immediately disappeared upon entering the museum. 

When they had their fill, we went home to play with the chickens, who, incidentally, grow by the minute.

They were well loved that night by all.

In the morning, it was french toast, xbox and some weird anime show that made little sense to me. But everyone was happy. File it under urge to do more works out great.

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