Saturday, March 8, 2014

Our Week in Farming

The chickens continue to be major entertainment around here. Every time I turn around, one of the kids is holding a chick and bringing it over for me to admire. They all seem to be thriving and active, so much so that they have begun to escape their brooder box. I had to add chicken wire over the top to entrap them, making the already quite attractive setup even more appealing. 

The biggest surprise is that they all seem to have different personalities. Who would have thought? I mean, they are poultry. The chick Maggie is holding, Fluffy (we are going to have lots of Fluffies around here it appears,) is the sweetest one, quiet and not very flappy. The chick we aptly named Putin is a little squawky bully, pushing around all the other hens. They've been more fun than anticipated.

In unrelated news, Maggie played in the Spring Festival today, earning a Superior (the highest score.) She was rightfully excited and we celebrated with lunch at the Chinese buffet, where Eion feasted on, and I quote, "Chinese fruit and jello." Both kids were a little put out that their fortunes were pithy sayings rather than visions of the future. But such a minor inconvenience couldn't possibly dampen their spirits today!

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