Friday, March 28, 2014

Temples and Tombs

Many moons ago, when Morrigan was in the 2nd grade, the school did an Egyptian themed performance entitled Temples and Tombs. But after that year, it was retired, until now that is! Eion came home a few weeks back and excitedly told me he was selected to be one of the King Tuts. I found his enthusiasm odd, seeing as he generally wants to avoid the spotlight in class but his teacher assured me he was doing great.

The minute he told me about it, I went on Youtube to show them the classic Steve Martin King Tut from SNL of the 70's. Eion looked at me blankly and said, "This is not funny." while Maggie added, "He was not born in Arizona at all." Let me tell you, I wore them down and they were all singing it by last night.

At the show, I was there not only as a Mom but as an official yearbook photographer so I scored a front row spot. Eion was not at all pleased when I told him I was going to take pictures while they were getting ready. "Parents are NOT allowed up there." he told me emphatically. Luckily for me, he was wrong.

The performance was as cute as the kids looked. They had about a half dozen songs with different kids taking the lead for each. There were the mummies,

the pharaohs,

and the archaeologists.

Cute as a button all, but we were looking forward to our main man, Eion B aka King Tut. He was front and center, dancing, with the other two Tuts. It was, in my naturally unbiased opinion, just darling. And better yet, he looked like he was having a great time throughout the entire show.

Eion loved being onstage. Who knew!?!

And for those grandparents out there, the video!

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  1. That performance was just what the doctor ordered and it really cheered us up