Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Before and After

One day after the great water softener malfunction, we are drying out and seeing what can be salvaged. In an overview, here are some pictures.

Behold before:

And then there is after:

Sadly, they are not pictured in reverse. We have many large fans and dehumidifiers running, which fortunately means we can't use the dryer without blowing a fuse. We've begun the process of clearing things out and assessing the damage to our possessions starting with emptying one of the storage rooms. Its contents are now in our dining room.

As the kids and I carried up many many loads of gear, Maggie asked, "Why do we own all this stuff we never use?" Good freaking question. Her next comment was how much it would suck to have to carry all this downstairs again tomorrow. Luckily for her, it does not seem we'll be able to put this stuff away any time soon. 

And in case I have not complained enough, all this happened the day the cleaning people were here and  it has been raining all day. So those nice clean floors are a mess. On the plus side, the used bird is working out quite well.

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