Monday, April 28, 2014

Just Adding to the Flock

Today has really bit so far. It started out all promising. It was (a much needed) cleaning lady day, I planted some azaleas in an attempt to deal with a perpetual problem area - it was going great. Then I went to water the new bushes. Hmmm, no water. Well, they would live and I would deal with them later. As the area in which I was gardening is perpetually poison ivy infested, I was in a hurry to wash up. As I took my muddy clothes to the laundry, which is on the way to the basement, I heard what can best be described as a gushing fountain of water.

Going a few steps further, I found the basement completely flooded with about two inches of standing water. I called Tim in a panic to find out how to shut it off. I was able to stop the water but it was really messy down there. The xbox, wii and tv are toast. The state of the remaining contents is questionable.

Next I called the only person I could think of who might know what to do, Jerry, who was by in a flash to assess the situation. Unfortunately, the determination was that the floors were also gone and we needed some professional help.

Fast forward a few hours and Servpro is here drying things out and the plumber is fixing the faulty water softener. Eion is sobbing about his lost gaming system and the whole place is a mess.


On a lighter note, we have a new pet! Morrigan, feeling it was a bit of a gyp that her sister had a guinea pig and she had no creature of her own, asked for a bird. She was funny, saying she would wait until her dad had a steak and a glass of wine before asking. We figured at this point, we are 13 chickens and a rodent in, why the heck not.

We went to the pet store and found they had nary a cockatiel, the bird of choice. As we were on our way out, an employee asked if she could help. We told her we were looking for a cockatiel and she said they had one turned in that day for adoption. 

Having a reasonable amount of caution about used birds, we went in the back to meet it. He was a sweet thing who had obviously been well trained. Even when upset, he didn't bite. When we found out the bargain price of $70 for bird, cage and supplies, we were in!

Meet Castiel!

After a day with us, Castiel will happily hop on any of our fingers and seems well on the way to being an excellent pet! If only he cleaned flooded basements.

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