Saturday, April 19, 2014

Maggie's Last Easter Egg Hunt

Last year we decided, quite arbitrarily, that 10 was the last year for our kids to participate in the Club Easter egg hunt. Mostly because we realized Morrigan, then 11, would be competing against her babysitting charges.

But before we get to today, there was last night. I asked the girls which dresses they were going to wear. Maggie, for reasons I cannot fathom, decided to wear the same dress for the third year. At least it is one I like. Morrigan, on the other hand, let me know she had no dresses that fit. Rats. And she had no bathing suits that fit for spring break. Double rats. Naturally, it was Friday night when the Public is in full effect at the mall. But things, admittedly, went much smoother than anticipated. We were able to snag the above dress and a bathing suit for $31 total with a minimum of pain. 

Tim was working so the kids and I set off alone for the breakfast. Maggie was feeling a bit too old for the whole thing, but not old enough to miss out on the candy. Eion, was all over the whole affair.

Though the girls did relent and take a picture with me and the bunny.

There were, as always, plenty of eggs for all but my kids were disappointed not to find the "golden" egg. I'm sure they will live.

For reasons unknown, the Club decided to only have jelly beans in the eggs. Eion, quite dismayed at the dearth of chocolate, marched right up to the manager and lodged his complaint. Personally, I kind of thought it was great. They will eat a few and then I can throw them out. None of the doling out of chocolate over a month or more. Perfect!

Now we're off to pack for our spring break adventures! Happy Easter!

Maggie's last hurrah!

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