Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peepers on the Move

After a month in our family room, the time had come for the Peepers to move to their coop. The weather outside is getting warm (75 today,) and they have all their feathers, which is the only indicator my online searches garnered to the inquiry about when they are ready. More importantly, they were outgrowing their brooder and seemed to posses a desire to roam.

Every time we removed the chicken wire trapping them in the brooder, several would instantly make a break for it. And they were getting quite messy and smelly to boot. Time to move out!

Maggie and I prepped the coop and moved them down this afternoon. While they will later have a fenced area in which to roam, for today, we have them in their, rather spacious, coop. 

That's Putin, the bully.

They seem happy with their expanded quarters and new food sources. Mmm, bugs. I'm off to turn on the heat lamp. Not sure they are ready to be completely on their own just yet. Call me an over protective Mom.

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  1. Thanks for having Megs over for the big move! She was super thrilled although what I heard most about was getting to hold Fluffy McPhlufferson.