Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rainbow Fence

Sunday here was beautiful. But as ever, my very indoor kids were not taking advantage of it. So we came up with an activity - fence painting!

The fence down by the Peepers was crappy to start with and over the years has further declined. Since we're down in the backyard more than ever, thanks to our avian friends, we thought we'd add some color by painting the fence a rainbow. It's really quite cheery. We offered the kids $0.25 a fencepost and they were off. 

While it was technically work, they were laughing and having a great time. There was some dispute about one of the kids going rogue and painting over their siblings' posts, but we just overpaid them all in the end ($10 each) and they were happy. 

Where are the Peepers? See those green trees in the above pic? This is one of their favorite places to roost, leading Maggie to rename them the "Treepers."

But once all the excitement was done, they were back out, hopefully enjoying their freshly painted fence.

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