Monday, April 7, 2014

Spreading the Springtime Love

Before we get to our regularly scheduled blogging, let's take a moment to mourn our fallen Peeper.

I came home Saturday morning to find her missing, the remaining peeps huddling in the coop, some with bloodied beaks. We found no proof of what happened, but I plan to believe they fought her predator fiercely but ultimately in vain. RIP sweet chick. Everyone else is still alive and out in the rain today. Let's hope they were mean enough to keep threats at bay.

Spring is finally here, in spite of today's cold rainy forecast, and our daffodils are in full bloom.

When we moved in to our house 10 years ago, I planted about 200 bulbs. I am partial to tulips but the pesky deer mean we can't really have those. To ease my tulip missing pain, I bought all kinds of fancy daffodils. The following spring, we were treated to all their delightful colors.

Within a few years, the kids had started school and just couldn't wait to pick all those flowers and take them in to their teachers. I remember so clearly complaining bitterly to Tim that we had none left after Morrigan was done harvesting. Relax, he told me. They are so beautiful, we should share them with everyone we can. In a rare move, I relented entirely and let the kids pick at will. 

As Maggie and E got older, we often had all three of them out in the morning, doing their level best to strip the yard of blooms. But as the years went by, they also multiplied and currently, we can pick as many as we want, about 200 last week, and still have what seems to be endless flowers to enjoy. Additionally, our exotic varieties have spread on the street and I see flowers we brought here in the woods along Lockridge. In a karmic sense, it feels like we gave so much away and Mother Nature decided to repay us with abundance. 

Then the other day as I was walking to get Eion, Mr. Richards, the girls' beloved Kindergarten teacher, waved me over. He said, "I saw our first daffodils the other day. Every time I see them, I think of your family and all those wonderful flowers the girls would bring in." 

Morrigan's Kindergarten class (she's on the far left.) 
Holy crap where has the time gone.

I had Eion take him in some flowers the next day. Tim was right to want to share the joy. I'm so glad we followed the children's innocent desire to spread happiness with an open heart. If you need some sunshine, come on by and pick a bouquet!


  1. Like parents like children. We also have freely distributed flowers based on nature's ability to procreate at infinitum. The more we gave away, the more nature produced. We know that our flowers are growing in at least seven different states. Keep it up.

  2. sweet!! Do you fertilize? Or do your bulbs come back in full force? I fertilized one year but have promptly forgotten to do it anymore. Ours still bloom. It's so fun to have flowers to give away.

    1. We reward those flowers with no love! No fertilizer. We just rip out the bulbs at random when they get too dense and throw them into the woods where they generally turn up blooming the next year. They are hardy.

  3. I commonly refer to or flowers a behaving like rabbits: All they want to do it mate and get kids

  4. Oh, Katie. Wonderful! Spread the sunshine. My favorite Katie post!