Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gardening, If A Bit Late

Last year, with grandiose visions of gardening glory, I blogged about planting in front of our house and cleaning up an eyesore. And that was about the extent of what I did about both projects. In all fairness, my back was a contributing factor but I didn't hire any of it out either. Now, nearly twelve months later, I have sprung into action! Just so you are as impressed as you should be, go ahead and see the before pictures. I'll wait.

Pretty awful, huh? But no more. Things have moved into the range of completely acceptable. First up, by the street. We planted nine new bushes which seems like a lot, but the end result is a bit underwhelming.

The dwarf white pines are slow growers but they look great with Japanese Maples. It will all work out. Trust me, those maples looked like sorry sticks nine years ago!

Then the hill of death. All it took was a number (3) of backbreaking sessions of pulling weeds and vines, several cases of poison ivy, some landscape fabric, 22 azaleas and a whole pile of mulch and we have this!

Varied color due to a recent watering session.

With any luck, the azaleas will fill the area in and become a permanent suppressor of weeds. And if the poison ivy can thrive under them, I will no longer care. At the top, where there are no new bushes, the neighbor's vinca vine has been making inroads and hopefully will become a lovely ground cover. I was extra pleased that the irises I harshly transplanted last year rallied and soon should be in bloom. 

Here's to hoping our best laid plans will result in a far less scruffy yard here at Chez McK!