Monday, May 19, 2014

Smiles, Hats, and New Chicken Drama

Morrigan's choir recital went off without a hitch. (For interested grandparents, links to the videos are below.) It was a challenge to get a decent recording what with M mouthing the words, "STOP RECORDING THIS NOW!" at me repeatedly. My insistence that her father might want to hear it got me no where. Luckily, the other kids were happy to be there. Oh wait, no they weren't. Eion ran away and had to be forcibly placed into his seat. Look how happy he was.

I told him to learn an instrument himself so he could force his sisters to attend his performances.

Tennis was an unmitigated success this week. My partner and I won 6-1, 6-3 and better yet, my back managed to survive nicely. Yippee! Back on the courts! My partner of many years, Mary, moved up in the ranks while I was on injured reserve. But Tracy, with whom I played last week, clearly knew me well. She said, "I just figured I would show up in pink because I knew you would." She was correct.

Our friends Webb and Molly had their annual Derby party, though this year it was a Preakness party. For which race the party was being held was of little consequence anyway, it is all about the hats!

Ann and I had made an AC Moore run earlier in the week and, with the help of a glue gun, had fancied up out hats quite nicely. Mint juleps all around, it was a great party.

No blog post being complete without some chicken story, here is this week's! 

Sunday afternoon, I opened the door to the garage to put out some recycling. To my surprise, I found one of the wee Peepers waiting there. Maggie took her back to the coop and found there was another of the wee ones missing. The search for the missing babe was in vain, leaving us with an even dozen left. But while looking, we found a mortally wounded black snake. 

As we will never really know what happened, here is what we decided went down. The two birds were on walkabout (they can still slip between the fence slats) when they encountered a snake. An epic battle ensued, resulting in one chicken and one snake going down. A cousin of mine bolstered my theory, letting me know that the birds can also be good mousers. Who knew?

Don't they look like killers?

Never a dull moment I tell you. This week is shaping up to be a busy one with end of the school year activities and a trip to Boston for my 25th high school reunion. I can't wait!

Here is Morrigan's choir performance for your viewing pleasure!

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