Monday, June 30, 2014

Boys' Fishing Trip

Tim is back with us after a week at Wabatongushi Lake with his Dad and brother. The travel included a flight to Michigan, driving many hours to Northern Michigan, driving more hours into Ontario, Canada,  a train to the lake and a boat to their cabin. After that, they spent the days fishing for walleye. Honestly, other than the excellent company, it sounded like the 7th circle of hell. But maybe that is why I wasn't invited.

This was the lake on which they went fishing 35 years ago so this was a trip down memory lane as well. There was cell coverage only at dinner, from 6-7pm. We didn't get many updates.

A mini bat, for finishing off fish. Yuck.

While the travel and fishing might not have been for me, I could have taken pictures there all day long. It looked just beautiful. In addition to the stunning scenery, they also saw black bears, eagles, and moose.


It sounds like they had a great time and ate lots of fresh caught fish. But after a week without him, we're glad to have Tim back!

Tim's brother.

Tim's Dad

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