Thursday, June 12, 2014

Feral Cats and Massive Cacti Influx

So as you may well have surmised from my last post, we caught the cat who has been killing the chickens. Concerns were high that he was too smart to be trapped. He walked right past the trap at least twice when it was baited with dry and wet cat food. I feared we would have to encourage him to leave the Peeps alone in a more lethal fashion. But sardines, in the end, were too strong a draw and we apprehended the vicious killer. He was taken away by animal control yesterday, which likely means death but it was not directly at my hands. No remorse here. One cat death for seven chickens seems more than fair, and the birds are out happily enjoying their freedom. All is good, that is until the next threat, which is inevitable, shows its face!

This has been a quiet week, other than cat/chicken drama. The girls have not at all been enjoying their typing camp but I found out from the other parents at pick up that I have many of them with whom to share the title of Worst Mom Ever. Seeing as we have a lull in the action, let me tell you about our new plants.

A few weeks back, our friend Molly posted a picture on the facebook of some cacti in her drive way and said they were free to anyone who wanted them. Always a fan of free, we went by and picked up several of them. Now these were not the wee ones you get at Home Depot. They were some difficult to move, gigantic cacti. Tim and I took home four large ones and three small ones. Part of our pick up was to take one very large one, think as tall as me, to Fiona, who marveled that I could have moved such a thing at all. I had to admit it was all Tim!

But what turned out to be interesting and heartbreaking was how Molly acquired all these plants. Apparently, her neighbor is a hospice nurse with a patient who, in her final days, was most worried about her extensive collection of cacti. She was concerned they would all be thrown out. Molly happily took up the cause and set out to find them homes.

Many of the ones we have needed to be re potted, which is some tricky business. It was tougher than we imagined, but we finished them all and found placements throughout the house.

It was an odd feeling. Were I dying, about the last thing I would care about was my plants. But as we worked to move them from one pot to another without suffering great pain, it became more and more clear that it didn't matter what my priorities would be. I had been handed an opportunity, a gift. There was someone to whom I, hopefully, was able to provide a bit of peace and comfort, at a time when she would need it most. And though we didn't know each other, she would get to live on in our house as we could never look at the plants without thinking of her.

I sent Molly some pictures to pass on to the original owner in the hopes it would bring her some joy to know that her babies were being loved. They certainly have added beauty to our lives.

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