Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monday Night Recap

It is the meet neither child particularly wanted to attend - the dreaded 100 free and 50 butterfly combo, or as Maggie put it, her least favorite two races. Add to that the possibility that E might not be able to finish either one and we were in for quite a night.

The thunder that had been intermittent throughout the afternoon let up, it cooled down a bit and we were set to have some beautiful conditions. Eion was up first for the 100 free.

Let's just say I had plenty of time to take photos. His finish time of 2:51 was nearly triple the time of the first place winner BUT once again, the shallow field made that time a 4th place bronze. Ribbon and points, it doesn't get much better. I nearly cracked up when he got out of the pool and asked, "What was my time?" not only because, really?, but also because I am quite sure he doesn't know what a good time is for said race. Whatever. He was half done and happy.

Maggie was up next and was looking good.

That is, until the turn at the 50 meter mark when her goggles disappeared!

She finished the race without missing a beat and managed to cut almost 5 seconds off her time. 1st place silver so she was pleased.

And then I lost them!

Next up, butterfly.I actually told Eion that he could skip this if he wanted, but he was so excited about his ribbon in the first race, he was going for it.

Sadly, he dq-ed somewhere around the 25 meter mark. The judge apologized but what are you going to do? He did finish but that was little consolation for him. I told him to drown his sorrows in ice cream.

"I hate this race." she smiles.

This is Maggie's least favorite race but she was all grinny none the less.

It was a first place silver finish again cutting an unbelievable 6.25 seconds off her time. And of course, she had to show off and give me a big smile at the turn.

Join us next Tuesday for more swim team adventures!

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