Sunday, June 22, 2014


So where are we? I figure if I just do back to back to back swim team updates, I really couldn't be more boring. Let's start with our favorite topic, the chickens! After capturing the killer kitty, we are happy to report that the remaining six Peepers are alive and well. James Blond (the white one and only remaining bird from the second flock,) is integrating quite well. I feared they would kill her once she was alone but they have accepted her in the position on lowest man in the pecking order. No eggs yet but we keep hoping.

Lots of pool time, naturally. Eion could stay there all day, every day. He finds people to play with and follows the pretty lifeguards around. I told the guards they could send him away if he was bothering them and they told me he has a "charming" personality. OK then. It is his happy place.

Despite the other Margaret being gone at camp for two weeks, Maggie is enjoying her time in spite of being forced to branch out and make other friends. (And we let her bring some as often as we can too!)

Morrigan, on the other hand, has declared she does not like the pool.

A rare appearance with a friend.

I've really struggled with it. Especially with swim team, we are going to be there frequently. Not to mention, Mags and E are generally pretty happy there. We often have to drag Eion out. But if I force Morrigan to go, she often just sits and reads, which is what she would do at home only she would be less sullen. So I've been letting her stay home quite a bit. There is tremendous guilt in this path. That being said, there is really no point in making her unhappy, which leads to others being unhappy, when she is capable of being home alone. She says she is fine with the arrangement. Anyway, we have three weeks of camp lined up for her in July.

Speaking of Morrigan, she hosted her book club today. It was loud.

They read the book The Assassin's Creed, which they all seemed to enjoy. Morrigan made pancakes and I think they spent some time on the book. After that, it was singing and chatting, all done at top volume. But she has a sweet group of friends and they seemed to have a good time.

Tim left to go fishing with his Dad and brother at Lake Wabatongushi in northern Ontario today. He'll be gone for a whole week. I'm hoping to take the kids out on some adventures but seeing as Tim has the little camera and the waterproof one, I can't guarantee pictures. 

Now I can blog tomorrow without guilt about the ever fascinating swim meet.

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