Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Return of Swim Season

Coming to you live and in person from the feral cat watch, already in progress. Our babies are being picked off one by one by an orange cat. Until we trap him, the Peepers aren't allowed out unsupervised. Can't say they care for the extra coop time but they are alive! But it does mean that the whole family, who really loves the birds, is spending a great deal of time hanging out with them. Luckily the wifi down here is excellent. I am iPad blogging so forgive any poor formatting.

Last night, after a week of lazy summer, was the first swim meet of the season. Our team has decreased in size, causing us to but put in a lower division. Bad news? Not for the McKs I tell you! Eion is now in the 9-10 age group where all races are at least 50 yards. But since we are in a new, smaller team filled, division, there were far fewer competitors in his field. Result? That would be a 4 point earning, 2nd place bronze finish! He couldn't have cared less that his placement was still dead last. He earned points and is getting a ribbon dammit.

Maggie was pleased to get a gold time on her backstroke even if the placement meant neither ribbons or points. It was a personal record time and she was all smiles, even as she raced past me. Flipping show off.

Freestyle was a repeat of backstroke for Eion. Dead last but with the positive reinforcement of prizes! He earned the same number of ribbons last night as he has in the past 3 years combined. He was over the moon. 

Maggie placed 1st silver for freestyle, a result with which she was plenty happy.

Morrigan, who has generally been avoiding the pool like the plague, she's had lots of chicken time, couldn't wait to go to the meet and work at the bake sale. I am in charge of tables, which enters and tabulates the meet results. Most people don't like that job but it suits me quite well. The meet flies by and I can still watch my kids race and take pictures. Tim is just happy I'm taking care of the family's volunteer obligations so he doesn't have to! 

One meet down, five to go and a excellent start to summer!

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