Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Mostly Good Monday

Do you want the good or bad first? Let's start with the negative so we can finish on an up note.

The construction crew showed up, a day early, and began to prep the basement for its new floor, which in theory, is positive. Until, that is, I get a "Ma'am, can we show you something?" In this particular case, that something was mold. In the end, it is not too extensive and can be remedied, especially since everything is all torn up already. But it will put the new flooring on hold until the offending substances can be removed. Bummer.

Then there is the chapter, about which I write too frequently, entitled Adults Behaving Badly at Swim Meets. My friend commented to me last week that swim meet drama is silly. I could not agree more. But sometimes, I can't help but comment on it. Several of our younger (10 and under) swimmers were cheering, yelling "RCC! RCC!" when a nearby adult icily barbed, "Why don't they just scream, 'We have money?' " Really? Way to set a good example for the kids.

Whew. Now on to the better parts!

Morrigan has been free-ranging like crazy. She and her friend wanted to be driven downtown the other day. I was at the pool but said I would be happy to do so after I came home. Or, I threw out, thinking they would never go for it, you could walk to the trolley stop and take it downtown. Well knock me over with a feather, they walked the mile plus to the stop and made their own way. When I offered to pick them up at the conclusion of their adventures, they declined, saying they would trolley/walk home. I could not have been more proud of their Independence.

The swim meet, she was, other than that mouthy parent, great. We were at Forrest Hills which meant I was not in charge of computers and free to take pictures all night! Woohoo! It was a warm, but nice night. No thunder or rain delays. First up, Eion in the 50 breaststroke.

He looked great but sadly, the deeper field left him in 7th bronze.

Not that he was at all bothered. As he was on the blocks, some kid from the other team was pulling away from his family, saying "I have to watch Eion race." I just assumed it was some other Ian but no, E had made a friend. They were inseparable for the evening. Eion refused to leave, saying he had to watch Nakota's Dad swim. They even got me and his Mom together to ensure we exchanged numbers so they could spend more time together. The boy's family had just moved back to town a week ago and Eion was the first friend he made. Way to spread the love E!

Maggie was next on the same stroke, he favorite.

Much to her delight, she was first place silver again. She is going to be able to paper her room with those purple ribbons.

Eion, when it came time for the 100 free, was nowhere near clerk of course. I hunted him down and let him know it was not optional. There was initial disappointment, quickly followed by a rousing dance at the blocks. No one has Eion's style.

He swam his way to a 4th place bronze. Go E!

Last race was Mags, who was 4th place gold, he first gold time in this age group. She was beside herself with happiness. So much so, that she wants to skip watching the USA v Belgium game to go to swim practice. That's some positive reinforcement!

Now I'm off to await the return of the Servepro guys who took one look at the wall this morning and said, "Ooh, this is a bigger job than we thought."

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