Monday, July 28, 2014

En Garde!

With many an exciting swim update, I have neglected to write about Morrigan's new hobby - fencing! But before we cover that, it occurred to me that people might find it strange that I didn't mention Eion in the City County post. He decided he did not want to compete so, rest assured, I didn't leave him out, there was just nothing to report! On to Morrigan.

Since the spring, she has been attending a fencing class on Saturdays at the YMCA. While athletics are not normally a passion for her, she really seems to enjoy it. Next to no complaining, even when, in an effort to speed her progress to the intermediate level she began 2 hour sessions instead of 1 hour ones. 

This past Saturday, she found out her group would be performing at the Medieval Faire in September. Morrigan will be the princess under attack who, in a dramatic turn of events, grabs her blade and vanquishes her foes. She is stoked.

Such a role called for an epic costume so she and I made haste to the fabric store and purchased the supplies for this dress. 

She's going to look awesome! (And as a selfish aside, I'm looking forward to making it ;) Not to mention, she can add this to her newly crafted acting resume from acting camp last week. I'll let you see the final product when I have it done. It has just been too pretty to make much progress so far. Have a happy Monday!

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