Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Campers

Oh hey! I thought to myself, self, it is time for a blog post, only to find it had been 10 days. The summer, it flies by, I tell ya.

The girls had a magical time at Hogwarts camp. It remains their favorite week of the year and plans are underway for next summer already. Maggie missed camp so much she spent all last week wearing her "house" bandanna tied around her ankle. I love it when something lives up to the hype.

Morrigan had a fast turn around, coming home Saturday and leaving the following afternoon for Kevin Jones Performing Arts Camp. After a week of geekery Harry Potter style, it was on to theater geeks!

She fit right in. They spent the week preparing a show, which we went to see tonight. 

What they were able to accomplish in five days was truly remarkable, especially considering they were dealing with surly middle schoolers. She is already planning her triumphant return at next year's camp.

The acting camp has filled her head with dreams of theatrical glory, as the director has promised to forward their head shots and resumes on for casting calls and other opportunities. 

A good looking head shot, eh?

I told her that acting was a fine professional endeavor, providing she had a fallback plan, like being an engineer. 

This weekend is also the dreaded much anticipated City County swim meet. Eion opted not to swim, which was best for us all. Maggie swam four events today, the 50 back, 50 free, 100IM and she was in the 200 free relay. I tell you, it made me tired just watching her.

I take so many swim pics but don't bother at the indoor events. 
So enjoy this classic Maggie, the happy swimmer, photo.

Due to some computer issues (with which I totally sympathize,) there were almost no results posted today. But we do know she came in 15th gold for the 50 free! One of her best finishes ever that had her thrilled to death. It looks like she made gold times for her other events as well, but we won't know until morning, when we go back for round two.

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