Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hike to Dragon's Tooth

One of the best things about living in Virginia is the abundance of beautiful hiking trails that are close by. Friday, we decided to hike Dragon's Tooth. Actually, we gave the kids the choice of swim practice or hiking and they quickly chose the latter, thinking it was easier. Little did they know…

Maggie's friend, Megan, and her sister slept over the night before and they were up for adventure as well. Five kids and a five mile hike, what could go wrong?

Morrigan generally sees hiking as a race. She darts off as soon as we reach the trail head and we usually don't see her until the summit.

And she's off!

 The rest of us stuck together and there was some, but little, complaining. Having friends was working out great. The trail starts off fairly easy and then progresses to much rougher terrain quickly with a fair bit of rock climbing needed.

It was around the time we hit the rocks that we found Morrigan. She had never encountered a hike requiring the technical skills needed here. She was a bit dejected that she got stuck and even more upset that she wasn't going to beat us all to the top.

But we all soldiered on and reached the gorgeous peak!

I generally find the way down is always easier. Not so here. Scampering down the rock formations proved as challenging as the way up. When we got down, we were all ready for some lunch and a trip to the pool. An A+ day if there ever was one!

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