Saturday, July 5, 2014

Please Stop Saying That

This week in home improvement was a remarkable one, mostly because we made negative progress. When the tile guys showed up Monday to prep the floor, they began work and then soon thereafter called me downstairs, "Ma'am, we need to show you something. They found some mold in the walls, which meant halting all work and having a visit from our friends at Servpro back again.

The next day, they cut out dry wall, removed insulation, and treated the area to kill mold. But at some point in the day, they said, "Ma'am, we need to show you something." Nooooo! Stop. Saying. That. In addition to mold, our walls were also apparently housing at one point termites and an unidentified furry creature. On the plus side, all our unwelcome visitors seem to have departed. But I cannot tell you the amount of creeped out I am by the fact that we were hosting what seems to be an entire ecosystem in our basement walls.

Next came a few days of drying out everything. I really had missed that hum of constant industrial grade fans. We are set to start the project anew on Monday, only this time with MORE work that needs to be completed. Sweet.

All my posts these days start with the bad and move to the good so let's talk about 4th of July! It has been Africa hot around here this week. When a huge storm came through on the 3rd, dumping several inches of rain, it was a welcome sight, once we cleared out of the pool in the pouring rain, that is. The result was a low humidity, gorgeous day in the valley for Independence Day!

We went to the pool, but of course. Much to the shock of everyone, Morrigan participated with gusto in the greased watermelon may lay. They coat a watermelon with crisco and the kids battle ot out to see who can fling it out onto the pool deck, the prize being glory and watermelon for all.

She did not eventually "win" the event, but we were all quite impressed with her performance in a field of mostly boys. And we got her to leave the shade for quite some time!

With her buddy Summer.

 After a long day of living the poolside dream, we headed home for dinner and regrouping.

By the time fireworks rolled around, Maggie, Eion and Tim had no interest in leaving the house. So Morrigan and I struck out on our own and went to the fire station lawn to watch the display with the rest of the bubble residents. The rest of the family missed out.

With Tim off for the remainder of the holiday weekend, I have all sorts of ideas for the family, which I'm sure will be greeted with, "Aw Mom, do we have to?" Have a great weekend.

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