Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So Maybe Just One More Swim Meet

Neither Eion nor I really wanted to go to the swim meet. It was all the way across town you know.But I was bored and wanted to see grown ups. When I told Fiona this, at the swim meet, she said we both could have skipped it and had wine at her house. Where was that idea 45 minutes ago!

Luckily, it was a short meet and the menacing weather from earlier in the day had passed. It was unprecedented, six Mondays in a row without thunder or rain delays! Eion attempted the 50 butterfly again.

And dqed again. He can make it for 25 meters, but the way back is too much and he falls apart. It is almost better this way because he won't be swimming it at City County.

The 50 backstroke went much better. We bailed before the  results were posted but I know he beat at least one guy!

And as ever, where he really excelled was the pre-race show!

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