Monday, July 28, 2014

The Basement, Back in Action!

After months of mess, construction, and insurance claims, we have our basement back! No one realized how much we needed that extra space until it was gone. We are mighty happy for the grand reopening.

Here are some lovely in process pictures:

And the finished product!

I'm sure these pictures have you brimming with questions. I'll take them now.

Question 1: That really looks a lot like it did before. What is up with that? 

This is what happens when a fully remodeled area of your home meets with a wet, floody disaster. You get to spend $15,000 (ish) to make habitable that to which you had already devoted time and resources. Next question.

Question 2: Are there any differences at all? 

Good question! For one, we eliminated the mold and the creatures inhabiting the walls. While not readily apparent, we are quite pleased with that. Also, the lower walls are a darker color. Most importantly, the floors are tile, which replaced wood, and have radiant heat under them. We love this wood look tile!

Question 3: You people really own lots of brown furniture. Did you ever consider color? 

That is a silly question. Maybe you need more brown furniture.

That's all the questions for which we have time today! If you are in the hood, feel free to come check it out in person!

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