Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We Braved the Salem Fair, and Survived!

It seems almost all of our peeps were out of town this past weekend. If they were home, they were working. Faced with several days needing activities, we branched out and went to the Salem Fair. The last time I went to this event was somewhere around 15 years ago. Since then, we heard reports of its general skankiness and never ventured back.

While still a fair, home of overpriced festival food and rigged carnival games, it was not nearly as bad as we had heard.

It could have been that we were there on what might be the prettiest day ever. And it was early in the day - I think things get sketchy at night. The kids went on a few over-priced rides (Note to self: next time just get the wristbands.) and enjoyed high fructose corn syrupy slushies.

Our favorite parts were the animals though. The kids fed and pet a wide variety of domestic and exotic animals.

In the end, a thumbs up day! Don't let the reports of dank keep you away!

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