Friday, August 22, 2014

Phone Mission Complete

Maggie had to wait a few days to get her phone, but the deed is done. We went to the AT&T store with the intention of activating her sister's old starter phone. When we arrived, however, we found out that she could get an iPhone for $0.99 (with a two year contract, of course.) In the end, we were softies and just got her the smartphone rather than using the old phone.

The reactions in the family were diverse and predictable. She was, naturally, thrilled to death. Maggie had permagrin for the remainder of the evening and spent an inordinate amount of time customizing her ringtones, lock screen, and app situation.

Her sister found this to be a complete violation of protocol and UNFAIR. We just agreed with her and told her tales of how the oldest child generally gets screwed like this. And by screwed, we mean that she too has a smartphone which was lost on her as she hissed at us, literally, and demanded to be alone. [By the end of the evening, she rallied.]

As she no longer needed her iPod touch, Maggie handed it down to Eion, who found this unexpected development outstanding. To his utter delight, we set it up so he can text and email us. None of his friends text, as far as I know, so we have been the recipients of many texts, selfies, and chicken pictures in the last 12 hours, most of which were followed up with a yell down the stairs, "Did you get my text?" We figure his text etiquette can only improve from here.

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