Monday, August 25, 2014

Some Free Range Fun

You have to know upfront that I am dragging myself away from Hardcore History to blog today. It is becoming an addiction. But more on that in a wee bit.

Yesterday was the kickoff meeting for Eion's Boy Scout pack. This had been something, in the past, which Tim and E attended but I had never been. You could quickly conclude that it was a good time when I yelled down to the basement, "Hey Eion! Do you want to play xbox or go to the Boy Scout meeting at the pond?" The xbox was off and he was running upstairs to get ready. This must be good.

We arrive to this scene:

A large pond full of boys ranging from first to fifth grade were happily paddling around, figuring out how to get to their desired destination on their own. It was a free ranger's dream.

Eion ran over to join them, starting in one boat before turning to piracy and boarding and taking over other vessels. He had a blast.

Don't get me wrong, they were all wearing life jackets and help was nearby if any boys felt overwhelmed, but they largely were doing just fine on their own. It made me long to own some piece of rural property with a pond or stream. Maybe someday…

Now back to Hardcore History. Tim found this podcast a few weeks back. This guy, Dan Carlin, extensively researches a topic and then creates a podcast about it. The series I just finished was called Wrath of the Khans, a 6+ hour history of Genghis Khan and his empire. It was fascinating. Here was a topic about which I knew, or cared, very little and I was riveted for hours. 

The tone is conversational. The style was much like that of a storyteller. And for me, it totally works. I can't say that many specific dates and names stuck with me, but I feel that my understanding of the era is much greater and, who knew, it is pretty interesting.

I think it is my new favorite podcast. So if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to Thor's Angel's, the story of post Roman Empire western Europe!

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