Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Go Bombers!

Last year when I signed Eion up for soccer, I contacted a friend who I knew coached a rec league team and asked if he would have E on his team. This was for several reasons, all selfish. I knew all the parents from this team and better yet, the coaches. I knew they would be nice as we moved our way along the learning curve.

What I had no way of knowing was that we were joining The Team. This is the third or fourth season that they are undefeated. Last season, they were the younger kids in the age group and we had a couple of close calls, including a tie, which the boys are quick to remind you, does not mar their undefeated record. But now on the older end of the spectrum, we haven't seen any tight games. The last few have been bloodbaths where I honestly lost track of how many goals the Bombers scored.

Eion is not what you might call a powerhouse, but he is always happy and certainly enjoys winning. It is even better this year because we run across his friends on other teams, which Eion sees as an opportunity to socialize, often mid game.

Don't worry Ned, they'll get along fine without me.

Our coaches have been great. All along, even last year in the tight games, they made sure everyone played at least two quarters. This year presented new challenges as they had to prevent the boys from running up the score. One game, the coach essentially had them running passing drills during the game. It effectively slowed down the game and minimized goals. 

The strategy I liked even better was employed in the last game. Comfortably up 9 - 0, the coach had the team routinely pass to the weaker players all during the second half. Eion told me the plan was that he was going to get a goal. He didn't, but as long as a slurpee was waiting out there for him, he didn't care much.

Monday, September 22, 2014

At Least She Has an Epic Costume

The word came to us last week at fencing that the Medieval Faire was for sure and most definitely cancelled which was excellent considering I had already put the time in to make this for Morrigan.

But she was not terribly bothered by the change of plans. And my work was not wasted, she assured me, as now she has an epic costume.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Can't Elaborate Today

School started and time sped up. Among other things, we've been busy with soccer,

Undefeated! Go Bombers!


Boy Scouts,

and Maggie's birthday party.

And enough other smaller, less consequential events to keep us ever busy. More later. At least that's the plan...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Survived the Birthday Sleepover

Who is afraid of about a dozen teenage girls sleeping over? Not us! Morrigan discovered she and her friend had birthdays a week apart and requested that we host a joint sleepover. Throwing caution to the wind, I let the girls plan it all and followed my orders: get pizza and cupcakes.

Morrigan and her co-host.

Soon, all the girls arrived and, in spite of the high volume of events, everything went well.

Parents dropping off worried we would get no sleep but luckily, our somewhat remote location in the hood means I don't have to worry much. We went to bed around 11pm and told the crew in the basement not to get too too loud. I figure we are at least a mile walk from any trouble. Even if they were to sneak out, they had a mighty hike ahead of them. Not to mention, her friends are a pretty sweet crew anyway. 

They slept little, ate much, and were all ready for pancakes, made by Morrigan, in the morning. If this is as hard as it gets, I could really get used to the kids planning their own parties.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Teenage Years Are Upon Us

With the kids in school, you would think I'd have more time than ever. Not so! Tim and I are building a new chicken coop, more on that in a later post, and time just seems to slip away.

Eion is happily playing soccer again. We're not sure if he has a better understanding this time around, but he tells us that it is fun. Good enough for me.

Maggie has opted to play on the middle school tennis team. The overwhelming irony of her picking this activity days after we resigned our Club membership and after refusing private lessons for years is not lost on us. But again, she is having fun.

Then there is the Teenage One, Morrigan.

On her birthday.

I cannot imagine the upcoming years will all be as easy as the last week, but 13 is going well. She is continuing to fence and is in the chess club again.

Her birthday celebration was low key as she was having a party later, tonight that is, eleven 13 year olds will soon be upon us, and we were also leaving for a weekend at Snowshoe the next morning. Unfortunately, Eion and I totally stepped on Maggie's gift giving enthusiasm. She had ordered a water proof note pad that Morrigan wanted and was so so so excited to give it to her. As soon as it arrived, she wanted to immediately give it to her. But I made her wait.

E was home sick with a cold on the big day and wanted to get M a gift too. Off we went to Hot Topic, which I would generally avoid at all costs, to purchase appropriate fan gear. Later, Morrigan opened Maggie's gift and told her she loved it.

But then she opened Eion's, the TARDIS jewelry box pictured above, and proclaimed it the "best gift ever" and named him "the best brother ever," which is not a title she has ever bestowed on him.

The Supernatural tshirt from Tim and myself was also joyfully received.

Maggie handled it well but I still felt a bit bad to have stolen her thunder.

But no time to dwell, we were off to Snowshoe for a return visit the next day. We spent a wonderful, relaxing weekend hiking, swimming, and in the case of Morrigan and Tim, skeet shooting!

But first, more birthday celebrating!

No Katie, don't move that rag. It will add ambiance.

Morrigan joined all the boys at the range. She wanted to do a bit better, but loved the activity. Tim couldn't be happier and is all set to take her to the range at home.

Maggie preferred the beach with the girls.

Everyone liked the hot tub!

Too bad it was such a short trip. Tuesday was back to school.

And I'm off to deal with a whole flock of teen girls. Happy Birthday Morrigan! 

Post Script: I love the different parent drop off styles. Some come in and talk, verify the morning pick up time others slow down the car and dump the kids out. I'm good with it all, especially since I lean type B!