Thursday, October 30, 2014

Death's Heavy Hand

I'm quite certain there are plenty of you who routinely say, "Not the chickens again!" But indeed, it is the chickens again, with a heavy heart. Some background…

The coop we purchased at Sam's Club almost immediately started to fall apart. When we found we could return it for a full refund, crazy huh?, we set out to turn our old playset into a new home for the Peeps.

It took us a few weeks, not fast workers, but we completed it, and had helpers along the way. Honestly, while hard work, it was fun.

Lovely shade of Tardis blue, is it not? It was roomier than their old coop and they seemed to like it. Certainly everyone, save Putin, went to bed much easier than before.

We designed it to have a run on the other side, knowing that as it got colder, and food more scarce, someone out there would consider the birds a fine Winter feast. And as they were escaping more and more to the neighbor's yard, we thought a containment protocol was in order. We framed it last week but had not completed it.

We thought we had time.

Then yesterday I returned home and found poor Attila the Hen lying dead, her throat ripped out.

Everyone else had escaped whatever killed her and hidden under the stairs or in the neighbor's yard. After some coaxing, they all came out. I determined that I would hang around the house today, checking routinely to ensure the flock's safety, with the idea that Friday we would finish the run.

That worked for all of 30 minutes. My first patrol, I found Putin and one of the Koch Brothers missing.

She was always my favorite. The Koch Brother was also 
a Barred Rock and looked like yesterday's victim.

The three survivors were huddled in the coop, looking terrified. For their own safety, I've locked them in. They aren't real happy about it but seeing as there is only three of them, they have plenty of space for the day

So RIP Attila, Putin and Koch Brother, we'll miss you.

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  1. Poor chicks! My friend's chickens have been attacked by a fox. Hope they stay safe today!