Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hike Gone Sideways

On paper, it all looked great. We were going to Read Mountain with E's boy scout den. It was a leisurely four mile round trip hike - about two hours.

We started strong and happy.

We set off up the mountain. These guys were energetic and ready for action!

Here ad there we saw some pretty views.

But somewhere along the way, we lost our way. Probably, we shouldn't have had the pack of nine year old boys leading, but we realized it had been some time since we had seen a trail blaze. But we thought we were doing ok. Until it became abundantly clear that we were no where near a trail.

We were now hiking through this.

And by this, I mean slippery slopes, full of thorny vines. [By the by, if  you are about to fall on your ass, I do not recommend grabbing said vines. They hurt.]

We slipped our way down the mountain and there were some tears. Morrigan, at one point, requested we just leave her, as she could not make it.

Made it we all did, eventually ending up on private property, with signs abound telling us to KEEP OUT, and then having to wander through a subdivision for a mile to get back to our cars, but we survived, and have a better story for it.

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