Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Indian Summer Day

Our poor, old deck is slated as our next home improvement project.

We're pretty  sure it is from the early 90's, maybe even the 80's. The boards are getting soft and the outer edges have acquired a rakish tilt. It is time for it to go.

So we have started the process of getting bids for the new, improved deck. We're planning to make it a rectangle, rather than its current shape. While interesting, the design we have now has many wasted corners and useless steps.

The Chippendale railings will be replaced with steel cables, like this:

This should improve visibility immensely.

The deck also faces east and before 3pm, it is generally too sunny and hot to be out there. So we are planning to add a pergola over one area, hopefully adding shade early in the day and possibly something on which to hang some curtains, if needed.

And just because we want to dream big, the piece de resistance, we are planning to add a hot tub. As we are feeling our age daily, there is nothing that sounds more delightful than a hot soak after a long walk. (We just plan on the hot tub, not a pool.)

After listing out our desired features, the ballpark we are going to be in is looking a little eye-popping, so we will see if we get our full list when the final numbers come in. Today was 80 and sunny, showing off the view that makes such a project even seem reasonable.

Here's to hoping for agreeable weather when we get the estimate!

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