Sunday, October 26, 2014

Maggie at Cotillion

When we received the email that they were restarting Cotillion in Roanoke, Maggie could not have been more excited. After two sessions, not so much.

She has determined it is boring, much the same reaction her sister had two years ago. Mags was not at all impressed with the section on manners where the boys would get them a drink and plate of food, confident she did not need their help. We explained that it was a kindness, much like when Tim opens a door for me, it is not meant to imply I cannot do it myself, but as a gesture of love. "Whatever, it is still boring."At least we have a few cute pictures.

Looking thrilled.

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  1. when that was an option for Sophie, she also wanted to do travel lacrosse, and they were both the same $$, so we went with lax because she has good manners and wasn't interested at all. But Jack has no voice in the matter. He will be bringing girls plates of food and learning how to be civilized. god help his instrutor