Thursday, October 23, 2014

On Contacts and Clippings

So it's been quite a school year. And as the kids get older and more connected to the online world, the number of topics about which I am willing to blog gets smaller and smaller. It is all well and good to write all about their misadventures when they are five and none of their friends will read it. When you're thirteen, well, it gets much more dicey. Not to mention that sometimes there is just shit going down that I don't want to share with the whole wide world, as unreal as that seems.

But, a big but, I know that there are people (grandparents) who like to keep up with the kiddos and I love that they can have a regular look into our lives even though they are physically far away. So I'll try to be in here on a more regular basis. And if it seems that all you are getting is sunshine and rainbows, and occasionally unicorns, it is a heavy self censorship. Never think it is too perfect around here, even if I don't tell you about it. Believe me, things are routinely falling apart around here.

I'm also threatening to do more food blogging, though I'll confine that to my other, long dormant, blog, It's Not Cheap, It's Garde Manger. If you're so inclined, check in there for all the food we've been eating. Or not. I may just be issuing idle threats and have you checking in on two separate blogs only to find I am a woefully poor correspondent on both.

But enough with the self loathing! We do have issues of importance 'round here.

Because you know you want one, a chicken update.

The Peepers found a way to escape their confinement by hopping onto the stair railing and then setting out into the world.

The would go a-foraging in the planter boxes filled with lemon balm and, presumably, bugs and worms. Sadly, one of the black birds was always left behind. We wondered why she would stay when the others broke out and determined she was the Peep who was, earlier this year, the hawk attack victim. She apparently sustained injuries that prevent her from flying. The poor girl would fuss about it as everyone else expanded their territory.

It was mostly funny until they took over our neighbor's yard. Daily they would escape and invade an ever expanding portion of the yard next door until they were showing up on their doorstep. It was time for some action.

A quick search of the interwebs let me know that you could clip their wings just like you can smaller birds. Before you get all PETA on me, please note this only entails cutting feathers, which are like hair in that they have no feeling. Operation Peeper Confinement has thus far been a great success for us, I have a feeling they disagree.

Maggie is going to her first middle school dance on Friday. Morrigan has decided she is so over these and is staying home. Her older sister's plans almost made Mags bail out too but we're glad she decided to give it a chance.

And the top news item of the week, Morrigan was fitted for contacts this week! They are more expensive but we opted for the daily disposables. I remember what a blessing those were for me and couldn't imagine dealing with the cleaning etc again. As I think is the case with most people, she looks better without her glasses and we are happy to see her pretty eyes!

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