Saturday, October 25, 2014

Red Ribbon Dance

Yesterday Maggie went to her first middle school dance. [Morrigan opted out as many 8th graders do. We made pizza and watched Scream together instead.] I offered to take her shopping for a new outfit, but she insisted a dress she already owned was fine. I also offered to help her curl her hair but, still emotionally scarred from an accidental ear burning as a young girl, she refused. Whatever Maggie.

It was not until we picked up her compatriots, we've learned that one wants to arrive to these gigs in a pack, did I realize everyone was wearing red. Some sort of tie in with the Red Ribbon Week anti drug stuff. Just say no!

Maggie was especially pleased that, without planning it, she and Megan had on exactly opposite black and red outfits. She came home tired and happy, insisting that she did not dance with any boys, because eww.

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  1. I wish we'd gotten a pic of just the opposite girls! I loved that all the HPE kids went. Still not as too-cool as the CSE gang.