Monday, November 24, 2014

ATL Weekend

My roommate and friend from college, Sara, is moving to England for a few years. So she decided to have a going away pub crawl/party and sent out invites, via facebook, to all of her southeasternly located friends. My darling husband agreed to watch over the wee ones and I was off for a weekend in Atlanta!

We went to a couple of fun microbrew pubs and sampled their wares.

The second location had cornhole and giant Jenga!

While Sara was the only person in our group I knew, she had, predictably, made friends with an fun, open group of people. I had no problem making friends. And better yet, none of these people knew my best stories. It was like open mic night.

And it is always wonderful to see an old friend and find out that even if you don't get together nearly often enough, it is just like old times.

And it was nice too that when I returned home, my kids, not at all accustomed to me leaving, were all super excited to see me. I felt loved in many states.

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