Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Devil's Marbleyard

The kids did not have school for election day, the weather was forecast to be beautiful, and Tim was off work. Sounded like the perfect day for a hike. I have wanted to go to Devil's Marbleyard for years. Suggested it to Tim and decided last night to go.

Then the kids got wind of it and the fussing started. Last night it was "No! I have too much homework!" Too bad people. We are going. The hike was not far away, wouldn't take long, and the kids were full of shit anyway.

Then we got to this morning. Maggie had an early check up appointment, then we were leaving. Both girls mysteriously discovered they had left their sneakers at school. No shoes, no hike, right? Not a chance ladies. I can fix this. Tim took Maggie to her appointment and Morrigan and I set off to Dick's Sporting Goods. $260 later, we had a few new pairs of smartwool socks and hiking boots. Take that children.

We drove about 45 minutes to Natural Bridge and set off on the trail.

True to the forecast, it was about as pretty as it could get. The trail was not especially hard but was rather rocky. As we were hiking to a bunch of large boulders, this shouldn't have been a surprise.

Along the way, Morrigan decided she was done and she was going to wait for us on the trail. Ok then.

When you reach the destination, it is a slope full of gigantic granite boulders with a spectacular view. 

Rather than take the path back down, we opted to scramble down the boulders. Eion, who rallied from insisting he would perish from thirst earlier, was the best at it, beating us all down the mountain.

Maggie and I were slower, but everyone made it down intact!

After that, it was the promised kitchy diner lunch! I had instructed the kids that they needed to follow the rules of eating at such an establishment - order fried food.

In spite of earlier protests, walk outs, and general complaining, the day ended with all smiles, just like I knew it would!

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  1. You are funny. Adding this to my bucket list!! too bad I think we missed our fall foliage window of opportunity. We went to Read Mtn. this am (and did not get lost!)