Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween, A Night I Couldn't Love My Neighborhood More

I'm a big fan of SoRo year round. But Halloween exemplifies everything good about it! We are up on the mountain where no trick or treaters ever tread. So we are generally headed for "the grid," where the houses are closer together and the hills are less intimidating. Every year, we are kindly taken in by families who allow us to use their house as our home base. 

This year's gathering point was at a house one block off Stanley, the biggest trick or treat street in the neighborhood. People come from all over our neighborhood, and many surrounding ones, making the street crowded but fun. The residents happily take all comers, not caring if they are visitors.

Morrigan was off to meet up with a troop of 8th graders and to go to a sleepover. We passed her on the street as we went home and yelled out hello. "Hello!" she answered, "And who are you?" Uh, your mother.

 Several of Maggie's friends were also attendees at the same party we were at so they headed off to trick or treat alone, feeling quite grown up. Another SoRo bonus, there are no worries about sending them solo, knowing they will run into all sorts of people they know.

Eion was not interested in going without us, so we got to walk up and down Stanley, seeing friends all along the way.

Maggie ended up at an impromptu sleep over so we went home with only Eion in tow. He declared it "the best Halloween yet." I'm inclined to agree!

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