Friday, November 7, 2014

It Was a Pretty Good Day

We haven't gone all political in a while so let's have at because, let's face it, it's been a pretty good week for conservatives! Not to mention, I have to be happy now before the Republicans go in and cave like they always do.

We were out most of Tuesday evening and hadn't looked in on the election results after the polls closed. When we arrived home, we turned on the election coverage and, to my delight, the screen was awash in red. One after another the Republican victories piled up. No one, anywhere, thought the Senate would go +8 to the right. (With the possibility of +9 once the run off in Louisiana is over.)

So what were the best victories? Well, these are the ones I like most.

Scott Walker

Walker won re-election as Wisconsin's governor by about 5 points. I love him because he, unlike so many Republicans, went into office and did what he said he was going to do. He created a surplus in his state by tackling government employee unions. Even when facing a recall election, he never backed down. Every conservative should be modeling Walker.

Tim Scott

Tim Scott is the first black Senator elected in the South since reconstruction (in either party.) Do you know who supported him? Those racist Tea Party types. Those racist Republicans elected him by a 15.5 point margin. 

Mia Love

Another darling of the Tea Party, Mia Love will be the first black Republican congresswoman. And the first Mormon. She won her seat handily in Utah.

Cory Gardner

I loved that Cory Gardner won because the main tactic used by his opponent was the ridiculous War On Women. Gardner, in his campaign, called for birth control to be made available over the counter. Yet his opponent ran ads saying Gardner wanted to ban birth control. It was delightful that such blatant fear mongering didn't work.

Elise Stefanik

Elise is from New York and is notable because she is the youngest woman ever elected to the House. And she won by more than 20 points!

Joni Ernst

In another first, Joni is the first female Senator from Iowa. I loved that she refused to sit down with newspaper editorial boards, telling them simply, you're not going to support me, why should I waste my time with you? Another tactic more conservatives should take.

Ed Gillespie

Well, this one actually, as of today, was a loss. But an interesting loss. A few months back, I actually had to google who the Republican senatorial candidate was in Virginia. And I live here! I think Virginia, having gone for Obama in the last two elections, was written off. No one was even watching this race or thought Ed had a chance. But it turned out to be a nail biter, infinitely closer than anyone predicted. In the silver lining category, his narrow defeat by Mark Warner greatly diminishes Warner's chances as a VP nomination in 2016. Which we like, because we're never forgiving him for that Obamacare vote.

So what do I want these winners, and their many cohorts, to do in Washington? My short list includes:

1) Reforming the tax code and greatly decreasing the IRS' power. They were weaponized against conservatives in the past 6 years. I want them de-fanged so they can't use their power to punish people for their political views, in either party.

2) Can we do something about the NSA spying please? This should be a bi-partisan issue. When the Patriot Act was passed, all sorts of liberals complained that it would be used unfairly against Americans. I, along with many others, thought that would never happen. Well you were right! So can we work together to un-do this awful thing?

3) Decrease the size of government. I know, makes me laugh too. It won't happen under either party, but a girl can dream.

4) Decrease regulations. The EPA and its ilk are an absolute menace. They need to be scaled back.

5) Repeal Obamacare. This legislation is highly unpopular and destructive. I don't know about you, but our premiums have only gone up since its passage, and at a faster rate. It promised a $2,500 per family cost savings. Clearly it failed.

6) Stop bombing ISIS. Seeing as Tim and I are the only two people in the country of this opinion, this is highly unlikely.

Now steering the ship back to reality and out of Katie's Conservative Fantasyland, what realistically might happen is gridlock, which is ok too since when they are "getting things done," it is not the kind of things I want done.

Now back to your regular Big Top programming.

PS Good job Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC. One more step in ending the failed War on Drugs!

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