Sunday, November 16, 2014

Release The Hounds

Earlier in the week, the forecast for today was cold with the chance of rain. Seeing as Eion's Boy Scout pack was planning to meet outside, I preemptively offered our basement as an alternate location.

They had a speaker come and talk to the boys about the process of writing an article. He did a mock interview with Eion about urban chicken farming. These pictures do not accurately convey the level of chaos that he had to endure as the guest.

After discussing the chickens, mainly a recounting by Eion of the many deaths involved, the boys headed out to see them in person. This part of the meeting was not enjoyed by the chickens.

We herded them all back in to finish up but eventually had to give up on any semblance of order. I told them to go to E's room, arm themselves, and head into the street for battle. Not surprisingly, this portion of the event was quite well received. Maggie cracked me up when, having seen the melee from her room, she grabbed a weapon and got into the mix.

I will say that if it keeps me from being in the park on a cold day, I'll have them over any day!

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