Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hi everyone! Hoping you had an excellent Thanksgiving. We had Tim's parents in for the week and had tons of fun. They came on Monday night so while the kids were at school on Tuesday, we went to the D Day Memorial in Bedford. We were the only people there for the first tour of the day so we received a private one.

It was as impressive as the last time we went. I can't wait to go in the spring when the 116 cherry trees are in bloom.

There was a forecast of snow on Wednesday, plus it was an early dismissal, meaning the kids would be doing nothing at school, so we kept them home. They were treated with big , fluffy flakes throughout the morning.

But from this, in a matter of hours, the roads were clear and the snow was melting. Talk about the perfect snowstorm! So we went to the Art museum and saw the current displays, which were, umm, interesting.

The next day and a half were a frenzy of cooking and eating and merriment. There really is little I love more than cooking while enjoying everyone's company.

Eion had his annual Thanksgiving hamburger while the rest of us enjoyed more traditional fare. Doug and Nancy flew home Friday and Tim was off to work Saturday, leaving the kids and me free to decorate for Christmas. It was a week that truly makes one thankful.

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