Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bring It December - We're Ready!

With Thanksgiving in the rear view, it is on to Christmas! I am generally pretty organized and prepared, but I was taken aback by the fact that we are only three weeks away from the big day. And since we are headed to Florida after school gets out, our family has to be ready a few days in advance.

The Christmas cards were done and ready to go before last week but were slightly delayed by the delivery of the stamps. Delivered for sure as I plan to be no where near a post office in December. There are those out there who mocked me for not being the first card in their mailbox, ahem, Amy, but really and truly, I just get them out promptly because I hate to have things hanging over my head in such a busy month.

Tim had to work the weekend so the kids and I decorated the house. The tree seems to have a bit of a rakish tilt but I'm not sure it will get fixed. Adds a bit of character, no?

We also set off to Target to finish the kids' shopping. (In my over prepared and mall avoiding fashion, I was already done.) They spend their own money and have to get a little something for everyone with the idea that they start to understand the holidays are about giving, not just receiving. This point clearly needs reinforcement as Eion asked me, mid-trip, "Why do I have to buy the sisters things?" We'll keep working on that holiday spirit!

They also planned to make some of their gifts (warning grandparents: some spoilers in picture format ahead!) We listened to carols, or as Morrigan put it, the same 10 songs sung by different people, while they crafted ornaments and the like. I made one too, which looks surprisingly similar to the kids' offerings from preschool. Crafty, I am not.

Eion was highly efficient, deciding that everyone would get exactly the same thing. He was running a glue gun assembly line. But he did know that his gingerbread house awaited once his gifts were done.

In an improvement over previous years, he put more candy on the house than in his mouth, a gain that was much less impressive when I realized his plan was to commence eating the whole thing upon completion. In a move that I am not quite sure was a victory, I convinced him to wait and let it be a decoration, collecting dust all the while, so he could eat it later. I don't get me either.

With all the shopping and decorating complete, we are ready to enjoy a stress free December!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Katie! Enjoyed getting a peek of your holiday activities and your quirky sense of humor. Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. It was our first! Glad you can now sit back, relax, and enjoy the season. Cheers!