Wednesday, December 17, 2014

End of an Era

Not sure why but I am feeling very retrospective in posts this fall. Maybe it is that we seem to be on this threshold - almost done with Halloween, done with Santa. It occurred to me today that this will be the first year without Santa pictures. The kids have probably been done for a few years, but since we would always go to the Club Santa brunch, I was able to muscle in a few extra pictures. Since we quit the Club, I don't even have that option. And I know there is literally no way in heaven or earth that I could successfully organize a mall Santa visit. No way.

It is funny, looking back on the pictures with fat man, I'm not sure why I felt it was so very important. Honestly, most of these really didn't turn out well. But there was blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes bribery involved, making it a darn shame to waste them.

So we'll say au revoir to the Santa years with a look back at misadventures of the past…

2001 Morrigan and her friend, Grace. We tried so hard to wake Grace up, leaving me to ask, all these years later, what in the Sam Hill were we thinking. Let sleeping babies sleep!

2002 - Morrigan and Grace again. Santa looks unamused with the lapfull he has.

2003 - I had learned a bit. I didn't even try to wake up Maggie.

2004 - Morrigan in one of my favorite Christmas dresses ever.

2004 - And Maggie is having none of it.

2005 - Maggie was apparently having none of it yet again. But as life was teaching me humility that year, I didn't even attempt to get her picture!


2006 - This was Eion's mood, which explains the next picture, sans E.


2007 - No Eion again. I see a trend forming...


2008 - As close as we got.

2009 - Only took four years to get them all together.




2011 - It is all starting to go bad here. You can see the lack of enthusiasm.

2012 - Eion is all in.

2012 - His sisters, however, were only willing to stand near Santa, and even then, 
with much coersion involved.

2013 - Eion was the only one left who card enough about the goody bag to still pose. 
No incentive big enough for the girls.

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