Monday, December 8, 2014

Maggie's First Band Concert

Tonight was Maggie's first band concert. She's been taking flute lessons for a few years but 6th grade was her first chance to play with others.

Considering many of the kids had never played before September and started from square one, including choosing an instrument, it was remarkable. 

From Maggie's point of view, the music was too easy and boring, but she likes the class overall. Soon enough all the kids will catch up and they can play more challenging pieces. She says she wants to continue next year but I think all the kids are a bit starry eyed with the tales of the high school band, who went to Hawaii for the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Either way is ok with us, we just want her to have fun.

Editor's Note: Sorry about all the out of focus pictures. Challenging conditions and my camera kept wanting to focus on the oboe player. A smarter woman might have switched to manual focus, but that smarter woman was not in attendance!

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