Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Little Mermaid Cast Revealed

Yesterday was the day, the day the cast list was coming out at middle school. As we ate breakfast, the kids pondered the roles they might have. Maggie was starry eyed and optimistic - maybe she'd be Ariel, but was really going to be happy with anything. Morrigan was much less positive, sure she would be the oceanic version of Townsperson #13. Having no idea what would be, my standard, and true, line was that they would have fun with anything and we were proud of them whether they were leads or Starfish #6.

They both had Spanish presentations on large posterboards so I offered to drive them to school. Truth be told, I was as excited as them to find out their parts. We were all stoked to find they were cast as Ursula's evil eels, Flotsam and Jetsam!

Ironically, this is exactly what Maggie was hoping for at breakfast, either to be cast in this role with her sister or a friend. So she was thrilled to have a semi big role with her sister and Morrigan was happy to be the bad guy, who is much more interesting than boring old Ariel, in her opinion.

The principal, who is in charge of the production, also cast twin 7th grade brothers in the roles. Each girl is teamed up with a twin to both be the eel at the same time. A little confusing but no fear, Dominick is here!

One of my first texts was to my brother, Dominick, who lives in Minnesota and make costumes for a living. Big costumes, like the ones in Sesame Street Live. As luck would have it, he is visiting over the holidays and I immediately planned to conscript him, and my mother, also a seamstress, to make a fabulous costume. Dominick, who may be the best uncle and brother ever, didn't even bat an eye when I essentially annexed his vacation to put him to work doing, well, what he does at work!

The two people as one eel was not as flummoxing for a professional and he immediately suggested we do something akin to a Chinese dragon, only eel flavored.

Entrusting the project to the expert, I plan to be labor and financing. I contacted the parents of the twins, who had not yet arrived home to tell their parents about their roles, sorry - spoilers, and they were on board with writing a check and letting Dominick be in charge. 

This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait!

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  1. So Dominick and Mom are going to be seamster and seamstress during the holidays. Could there be a minor role created for dad?
    He is good at playing games with the kids. Just in case, we will bring along Querqel and Dominos. Might even upgrade my minimal skill at playing video games.