Friday, December 5, 2014

To Be Or Not To Be

The tryouts for the musical at the girls' school are next week. Morrigan, after having enjoyed last year's production of Aladdin, was naturally all in. Maggie and her friend Megan, having seen the show, were all about being involved. So when the girls informed me of the upcoming tryouts, we went online to find suitable music and monologues for tryouts.

Maggie grew more and more quiet and then burst into tears, saying she didn't want to be in the play, not even as a behind the scenes person. It was surprising, considering her sentiment last spring. After some badgering and cajoling, she admitted she was afraid to fail. I told her she shouldn't let that stand in her way but she was welcome to do whatever she wanted. But let me tell you, she WAS NOT going to try out.

Ok then.

Fast forward a day and she comes home to tell me that she is indeed planning on being in The Little Mermaid and wanted to get started finding material directly. My first and most important concern was that she make it abundantly clear to her father that I had not in any way bullied her into this. Having secured a solemn promise, I then asked what did change her mind. Turns out all her friends are trying out. Ah the joy of peer pressure. At least it is working for us this time.

We watched, for the first time in ages, The Little Mermaid as prep for the try outs. Morrigan shunned us, preferring to select her own monologue and music. Maggie came to several conclusions, the first of which was that she did not want to be Ariel. Too much focused attention. I assured her that even if she is cast in the role, there should be a small army of girls willing to take her place. She and her friend want to be Ursula's evil eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, so she is choosing a monologue from their parts. And she's going to sing Let It Go, mostly because she knows the words. I had never heard it before yesterday. Pretty good song, not that I will get to hear Mags sing it since she locked herself in her room to practice.

And since it is all about me anyway, I am so excited about making their costumes. After searching images for the play, it is clear these are going to be so much fun!

Fun I suppose, if they get small parts. I have been summarily informed that, should they get leading roles, they want Uncle Dominick to make their costumes. Nice to have a professional in the family! 

Try outs are next week, I'll let you know what my sewing projects are then!

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