Saturday, November 7, 2015

Morrigan's First High School Play - Stardust

Last night was the premier of Stardust at Morrigan's high school. Having been largely out of commission (back surgery about which I have not blogged,) I had little idea about the content of the play. What I did know is the practices until 10pm, a full hour past my bedtime in the best circumstances, were killing me. Little did I know that they were preferable to the aftermath of the play, which ended at 9:40 and was followed by the tradition of going to IHOP until all hours. Sleepy around here!

Anyway, the kids did great and we were very happy with Morrigan's ever improving stage presence. Only three more shows and I can get back on a normal sleep schedule.

Morrigan's awesome cigarette girl costume.

Maggie was irritated that I made her dress up. As a bonus, her sister was also mad that Maggie raided her wardrobe! Luckily for all of us, Mags discovered one of her friend's sisters was also in the play so she and her pal left us directly.

We chose our seating for leg room (Tim) and ease of escape in case of back pain (me) rather than best angle for pictures. So these are decidedly crappy pictures but they are all I have! Hopefully at one of the subsequent performances, I can get some better ones.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

As Requested...

The deck is nearly done. A door and some lighting aside, we are up and running. We've been enjoying it for about a week with the inaugural hot tub soak on Friday! We need to get some additional furniture, but we are getting there.

Same view as always!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Morrigan Turns 14

This sweet girl turned 14 on Saturday. She baked her own cake, planned her own party, and made waffles the next morning for her guests (and me.) Couldn't be prouder.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Days

Other than bemoaning our lack of outdoor living, we've been trying to keep busy this summer. We knew we wouldn't be traveling, as a surgery spot might open up, but we adventured near by as much as possible.

The kids went to a few camps. Morrigan went to an acting camp, a 4-H camp, and, naturally, Trefoil (Harry Potter themed camp.) Maggie went to Trefoil and a tubing and whitewater rafting camp. Eion still has no interest in sleep away camp, but he did go to a minecraft day camp.

Kevin Jones Performing Arts Camp. The production at the end of the week was Spamalot - hilarious!

Trefoil - described as the best week, other than Christmas, of the year.

Maggie is off this week to tubing and whitewater rafting camp!

My friend Melanie turned 40 and had an awesome surprise birthday party, where she was truly surprised!

We rented a boat one day and spent some time at Smith Mountain Lake.

We spent a weekend at the beautiful Snowshoe with our friend Webb.

Spent a morning tubing on the James river.

And it isn't summer without swim team!

We were fortunate that Maggie "aged up" and our City County swim meet time was in the afternoon! Much preferred to the morning session.

It's hard to believe there are only a few weeks left until school starts. Summer is winding down, but all the school activities are just getting started.

I Know What You Did This Summer, The Deck Edition

"Not even a freaking swim meet Monday update?" you say? Well let's catch up on all the excitement of Chez McK!

The Deck

The deck was old when we bought our house almost 12 years ago. In the time since, it most definitely has not improved. Witness the dank.

And the dank is not the worst part, when you look at the unsafe and dangerous. 

We'd been kicking around replacing it and had put it off for about a year, mainly due to the astronomical cost of replacement. (If you know me well enough to ask, I will tell you but otherwise, just know it is more than you can imagine.)

We finally bit the bullet and started the project, stop one being the removal of said shitty deck.

Watch your step!

The lack of outdoor living space has been challenging, especially considering we don't really have a useful yard. We had a few garage parties while Tim's Mom & Dad were here! #hillbilly4thofJuly

But soon thereafter, construction began. Here are some photos of the progress up until today.

The builder said this was the first job they had to include a "chicken clause." Basically we have to keep the girls in the run during the day and they can come out when the work is done. The crew is nice enough to let them out at the end of the day.

The old coop was destroyed, being in the path of progress. You can see the roof of the new one here.

We added a walkway from the driveway so people don't have to enter through the garage to get to the deck.

We still have a few weeks left but we're moving right along!