Saturday, January 31, 2015

Because I Know You Really Care, I've Left Turbotax After 19 Years

That's kind of a lie - it might be less than 19 years but I have been using them pretty much since we got married. I had my tax return all set to go in Turbotax this year and I was balking a bit at the cost. $36.99 just seemed high, I am cheap after all. So a quick google search found that H&R Block, provided your return is not too complicated and you know what you are doing, was only $9.99 including state and e-filing! Not to mention, they are an Ebates partner and you get 10% cash back, which is all of $0.99 but every penny counts people.

I had to enter all the information again but it wasn't too terrible. We have a remarkably simple tax return - pay a bunch of cash to the IRS.

Just thought I'd share for all you other frugal, self filers out there!

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