Saturday, January 31, 2015

Eion's Birthday: The Final Chapter

Not having discovered any additional invitees, it was the birthday party day. E's plan went off without a hitch. We picked up the boys and started with present opening, because they felt they might need to use them during the party. And clearly, they were right. What party is complete without a Minecraft torch?

Then they were off to play xbox, make youtube videos of themselves playing xbox, and, eventually, head out into the street for an epic sword battle. Then pizza and cake.

Which didn't turn out so badly after all. That stirring the frosting worked. I will never hear the end of this from the oldest child. Ihatewhentheyareright.

It was getting dark so the outdoor beatings had to come to a stop but the boys found plenty to do indoors. When I called for the boys to head home, there was much gnashing of teeth so I ended up taking everyone home later than planned. As we drove, Uptown Funk came on and the car broke out into a sing along/dance party. It was one of those rare afternoons for a Mom when it all goes just right. (And I got the taxes done and made Indian food.) One last happy birthday to you E.

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