Thursday, January 29, 2015

Eion's Birthday, Part II

It was a bit concerning when we picked Eion up and told him about the travel clinic. He teared up and said he had already cried three times that day and we were making him cry a fourth. Turns out he cried about assignment A, then assignment B. The third time was just a rehash of the first two indignities.

B good news for the birthday boy - no shots needed. He had all the immunizations needed for Central America and only needed oral typhoid. He, and Morrigan, also lucky, were thrilled. On the not so lucky front were the rest of us but it wasn't too bad.

E was pleased with his gifts, including the book, which I thought was iffy. He opened it and said he was going to read it right away. Wonders never cease.

After dinner, we enjoyed the unattractive, yet tasty cake. Eion was not bothered by the unsightly portion, he just wanted to eat it.

It was a pretty good day.

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